Friday, 16 March 2012


Hello my lovelies!. So sorry I have not been around this week but have had some dramas. My Dad was rushed into hospital on Monday with a suspected heart attack which was pretty scary as he has already had three. Luckily though it was a bad angina attack. He also suffer's from diabetes and his levels were pretty high which they needed to monitor and his potassium levels were low so they had to give him drugs for that too. 
Thankfully he is back home recuperating and is now getting bored of resting so i'd say he is well on the mend lol!!!. Think it has been a wake up call as he really need to slow down. He is nearly 79 but still thinks he is 50 bless him.

It's been a very busy week with the squirrels too. I have a break until Sunday afternoon so trying to get some crafty stuff done. I reckon you will see a difference in them from the pictures I took on Thursday. Their eyes are still closed but Monica reckons any day now they will be opening.
Oh we have names!!!!. The little boy is Sidney (or Sid Squirrel!), Alice and Cindy. They are still guzzling puppy milk formula every 4 hours but as soon as their eyes are open they move on to goats milk and baby rice. When they come back Sunday their feeds will probably go to 4 feeds a day.

So here we go, loads of pics to share with you all!!!!!!!!!!.

The little one's will be in a bigger box on Sunday as they are moving around heaps more and need the room. I wanted to show you the cute pod that they have been in since they were rescued. Under the fleece there is a heat pad to keep them nice and warm as they need to be kept at a temperature that their Mum's would be to protect them and for them to survive. 

I will be taking pics every week for you guys and I really love all of your wonderful comments and questions. So happy that you want to share this journey with me.

I will be back soon with some cards. Please accept my apologies I have not been around commenting on your blogs and promise to visit very soon.

Thank you for visiting and for your support.

Love you guys xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh Clare, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Glad that he seems to be on the mend now - hope he feels like his old self soon (though willing to go at a slower pace!). The pictures of the squirrels are fantastic. It is so lovely to see them grow. I like the ones at the end where they are clambering on top of each other making a squirrel pyramid!! Do you think they want to be cheerleaders when they grow up?! Take care honey, and I'll be thinking of you x

  2. Awh! Bless. love those baby squirrels. Hope your dad feels better real soon :)
    xoxo Sioux

  3. Hi Clare, gee that was pretty scary for you and your Dad! So glad he is getting better and bored hehehe, Wow haven't the squirrels grown , and in just a week, you must be a very good squirrel mummy !!! well done, such a huge job, a bit like having triplets I imagine. Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs Cheryl

  4. Oh! Boy! Haven't they GROWN.... I'm really glad I found you out here lol...What a Fabulous job you are tiring...but soooo rewarding...
    I really don't know how you keep up, taking pictures as well as keeping us all informed of their progress. Thank you.
    Glad your Dad's okay..That's the trouble lol... Even when we get older we still feel 40 ish..It's just a shock when we look in the mirror.

  5. Hello Clare. Oh boy, I am sorry to hear about your dad, but sounds like he is recovering well if he is getting bored, he will just have to go slower, hehe.
    The Squirrels are doing great, how lovely to see there growth, and they are so well looked after by you my friends.
    Love Sandra xxx

  6. So so glad you Dad is on the mend, he needs to take it easy - he is the same age as my Dad!! I am loving the pics of the squirrels, they are so cute. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope you get some relaxation. Hugs, Claire x

  7. Hi hun
    so glad to hear your dad is on the mend, aww adorable piccies og ya babies, how well they are doing keep up the good work, sue,x


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