Sunday, 27 May 2012


Hey everyone!!!. I have something very special to share with you tonight. Something that I feel totally privileged to share and to be a part of. Today I had a call from my lovely friend Monica. She is going away for a few days for a much deserved break and I agreed to look after her 4 guinea piggies and she also asked me to look after a 10 week old squirrel which had gone to the centre injured but is now well and thriving. She brought them over to me on Friday so they are really settled now.
Ok so the phone call today went like this "Clare how would you like to look after a 7 day old orphaned hedgehog???" ummmm, like I really needed time to think about this one!!!.

I have never in my life handled anything this young or tiny. I'm sorry the picture's are not great and I will get some better one's tomorrow. I just took them quickly after I fed him. His name is Ben and he was one of 3 babies and the only survivor after their Mummy was poorly and she rejected them. Mum was a very young hedgehog herself and when she was found she was very underweight. She is doing good now though and is recuperating at the centre.  

I never thought that I would care for a little creature as small as this and so dependent on another. He is a real little fighter but there is always a chance that he will not survive. I have got to feed him every 2 hours day and night but if this little fella has any chance that is not going to be a hard job for me. 

I am going to do another post tomorrow to share more pic's of the little one's I am caring for and give you an update on Harry the hedgehog which you have been asking after.

Right nearly time to feed little Ben again!!!.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs Clare xxx


  1. Oh my goodness,I have never seen such a tiny hedgy, I am sure your love and attention will see him

  2. Awwh! You are doing a great job ;) Keeping fingers crossed for him.
    xoxo Sioux

  3. Gosh he really is tiny - you are so good to give all this care to so many creatures that then benefit so much. You are going to be very tired. I was going to suggest you meet up with us in eastbourne for a tea or coffee but sounds as if you're not going to be free to do so - please let me know because it would be lovely to meet up with you. X

  4. Hi Clare, oh wow, never really thought about how small they would be, gosh he is tiny but he's in good hands, fingers crossed he thrives. Your sleep pattern is gonna be all to pot hun. Be back tomorrow for the rest of the pics.
    Hugs Sue W.

  5. Oh my word, what a little sweetie, I am sure you will enjoy caring for him.
    Please take more photos for us.
    Chris xxx

  6. Awhhh!!!! How cute is this.......Very.

  7. oh so cute! I hope he carries on fighting - and I'm sure he will with your tlc!
    Kim x

  8. He's got the best chance possible if you are looking after him hun! Oh he is such a teeny weeny little thing Hugs Sxx

  9. Oh my goodness Clare, what a responsibility and you'll be absolutely tired out but, as you say, well worth it to give him the chance of survival. Well done you! Big hugs to both of you! xx

  10. OMG - Tooooooo cute !!!!!


  11. How lucky Ben is to have people like you to care for him Clare. Will keep all of you in my thoughts and hope he continues to thrive!

  12. Hello, Clare, If anyone is going to see him through, it will be you. What a fab shot on your hand to judge the size and oh how tiny. Sorry not to have been by for a while but am trying to catch up a bit this week. I have been wondering how Harry was too so will try to be back tomorrow for the updates. All the best, Vee x


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