Thursday, 31 May 2012


Im so sorry that it has been a few days since my last post. It's not been a very good week as unfortunately baby Ben died a couple of days ago. I was quite surprised as he seemed to be doing really good. I know that I did everything that I could for the little fella and there was nothing that I could have done to prevent his death. I think sometimes no matter how much we can do for them their Mummies are still the best to get them through their early days of life. I am so glad though that he died being warm, comfy and loved very much.
I put him into a tiny matchbox amongst cotton wool and me and Martin buried him by the gooseberry bush around the hedgie cabins in the garden. Amazing how something so tiny can touch your life.

Anyway I am going to share some happy stuff now. I know you have all been asking how Harry is!!!.

My gorgeous little Harry is now at the rescue centre as the treatment he was receiving through the vets was not helping. He is receiving the proper medication now and is doing really good. He will be coming back to me as soon as he is given a full clean bill of health. I will let you all know as soon as he is back.

Now for some more pic's of the littlies I am looking after at the moment.

This is little Sam and he is 10 weeks old. He was found in someone's garden laying on the ground. He had some bad head injuries. There was no sign of Mum or any siblings so how he got there is a mystery. Sam is doing amazingly and is such a happy boy, so funny and cheeky. Despite being on his own he is so with it and jumping, climbing and has a massive appetite!!!. When we can we are going to try pair him up with another squirrel/s as they are not solitude creatures unlike hedgehogs. He will eventually be released but only when the circumstances are right for him.

Yay I have got the guinea girls again!!! I am looking after them for Monica as she has gone away for a much needed break. I absolutely love looking after Piggy, Sassy, Blossom & Petal. They are so beautiful placid little things. I have been thoroughly spoiling them (I got them that hay roll!) and with plenty of fruit & veg. 

Onto hoggie rescues I have had three in the last 2 weeks. One found in my shed and the other two at the food station. I had to get the rescue centre to come out to all three as they were emergencies. One hoggy had head injuries, another with mange and lung worm and Monday night I found one with a nasty wound by his hind leg and when he was collected and examined we found he had fly strike on him which if not treated is a very slow and painful death. 

So all is busy here at the bungalow. Although I am very tired and suffering from a very painful infected thumb (now on antibiotics) it is so well worth it to look after these gorgeous creatures. 

I cannot forget about my two beautiful babies so here's a couple of pic's to share.

Here's my Bertie boy who absolutely adores all of the animals here, especially the guinea piggies. He sits down by their pen just watching them and pushes his face against the netting and the piggies come up and sniff him, so cute!!!. 

Here's my beautiful girl Simone in a playful mood. She gets a bit jealous of all of the animals so I make sure she gets buckets of love and attention so she doesn't feel left out.

Thank you all for your lovely comments it is so great knowing that you are so interested in my rescue stories. I promise to keep you all updated.

I have nearly finished a card so will try and post that tomorrow. Not getting loads done on the craft front at the moment but after Sunday things should be a bit easier again. 

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Big hugs Clare xxx


  1. Sorry to hear Ben didn't make it Clare but at least you tried. The guinea pigs look gorgeous, very like our two - wish you didn't live at the other end of the country! Take care. Carol x

  2. Clare, thank you for your kind words and for following my blog. You have such an amazing blog yourself! In just a few minutes it was obvious to see your big heart and compassion in everything you do!

  3. Wow Clare, you are a very busy adopted Mummy at the moment, with all these little ones to take care of. They are so lucky to have someone as caring as you, to take care of them, bless them.
    I hope that you are keeping well. Take care.
    Lots of love, Sandra xxx

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear about Ben. They do make such an impression on us, don't they? Lovely to see pictures of Harry, Sam the squirrel (who sounds as cheeky as Sam my husband!!), the guinea girls and of course the beautiful Bert and Simone! Sorry I've been away from blogland for so long - am hoping to remedy that now! x

  5. Sorry that Ben didn't make it. I'm sure he had the best chance ever in your care and as for all the other critters they look like life is very rosy thanks to your care. There's never a dull moment in your house!

  6. Hi Clare ,
    Well , I’m back and I have the rest of today free so as to catch up on everyone’s creations since I have been away refurbishing my old house.
    I adore reading your blog and seeing all your lodgers.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog , its so nice to keep in touch.
    I am so sorry about Ben but you are right he was loved and warm during his short life. Your house looks full again Clare, what are you like !!
    You are such a good soul
    Great rescue work Clare well done ,
    Hugs Elaine

  7. I know Eleaine i'm a big old softie with these gorgeous animals!!! xxx

  8. so sorry to hear that baby Ben didn't make it but great to know that everyone else is thriving! Have fun with them! I'm busy making some cards for our local Cats Protection who are having an open day soon - can't take on another cat at the moment so can help that way instead!
    Kim x


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