Saturday, 30 March 2013


Just wanting to wish all of my beautiful friends a Happy Easter!!!!

Hoping your Easter is filled with plenty of chocolate, happiness and love!!!

Big hugs Clare, Bert, Simone & Blackie xxxx


  1. That does make me smile! Happy Easter to all of you too and huge ugs to all of you xx

  2. Happy Easter to you too Clare. Enjoy! Carol x

  3. I have just nipped over from Ollie's Mams blog and I laughed so loud that my hubby (downstairs) wondered what the heck I was doing. This really is soooo funny.

    My hubby and I also feed all the wildlife around here - I usually put the stories on my blog. We seem to be an "Animal Cafe" and spend loads on food for them all. We lost our two gorgeous furry babes last year and then our feral furebabe also died ..... however, the message got around that we are a soft touch and now have two new ferals and they are gorgeous. Can't help but smile!

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  4. ROFL...
    Hope you had a Happy Easter x

  5. Pass me the Tenna! Love this bunny. Is he up for adoption?!
    xxx Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts


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