Tuesday, 2 April 2013

LOOK WHO VISITED ME TODAY........!!!!!!!!!

Not a card today but I had some very beautiful little visitors today and wanted to share some pic's with all of my lovely friends!!!. They are 3 baby fox cubs. They are approx 2 weeks old and there is a little girl name Rosa and two little boys Raul and Rafael. My lovely friend Monica is looking after them at the moment as she broke her ankle 3 weeks ago so is off work for a few weeks so she is so happy to be looking after them. 

The babies were found abandoned in a garden and we are not sure whether Mum was killed or frightened off whilst she was transporting babies to a safer den. So lucky the cubs were found alive. So sad for their Mum.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Love to you all xxxx


  1. Hi Clare
    I have seen more than fair share of fully grown foxes but have never seen their babies.... super cute.... so said about their mum.

    1. I know Michaela, unfortunately nature can be cruel but so glad that we have wildlife centres that can intervene. It is coming up to that time of year and soon the squirrels and hedgehogs will be coming in in their droves which will be keeping me busy!!!. Hugs Clare xxxx

  2. Awww Clare how cute omg how sad about their Mum :( I put food out for the hedgehogs every night lol. We've had an owl come visiting us lately which has been really cool to watch ..hope your keeping well huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Clare, awww they are soo cute and so very lucky to have been found and to be taken care of.
    You nust keep us updated with pics hun.
    Hope you are well.
    Hugs Sue W.

  4. Lovely to see the babies Clare. We used to have foxes living in the middle of our field and it was great fun watching the babies grow.Just like puppies.I used to set my alarm 15 minutes early so that I could watch before going to work! Hope you are okay. love from Christine xx

  5. Owwww love having those visitors, they remind me of my own two :), hugs, Marion

  6. Hi Clare hope that you are doing ok. Awwww they are so adorable Clare it is so heartwarming to know there are people who care about these little animals and save them from something ugly.
    lorraine x

  7. These little ones are just so sweet...poor little orphans...too bad about their Mum!

    Hope you are keeping Ok
    Crafty hugs


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